IP adresss management verification

MAEMURA Akinori maem at maem.org
Mon Nov 13 16:06:33 UTC 2006

Michael's answer is clear enough, 
and my simplest answer is "ask APNIC".  

John's more interesting question is also mine ;-) . 


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   "Re: IP adresss management verification"
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| At 10:35 PM +0800 11/13/06, Kanagaraj Krishna wrote:
| >Hi,
| >   I'm curious on how regional RIR which allocates ip address, verifies the
| >usage pattern info provided by their members in their application process.
| Same as other most other filings: A signed and notarized statement from a
| company officer, with third party audit from an established accounting firm...
| Wait,  I'm using 2012 guidelines.  ;-)   Use Michael Dillon's answer for now.
| A more interesting question might be:  How does the community think an
| RIR should best verify information in the application process today, and
| should that change as we approach the IPv4 event horizon?
| /John

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