link between Sprint and Level3 Networks is down in Chicago

Matthew Petach mpetach at
Fri Nov 10 00:37:46 UTC 2006

On 11/9/06, Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:
> Does someone know if this is a *single* link down?? It seems bizarre to
> me that there would only be a single link (geographically) between those
> two.
> Whatever happened to redundancy?
> Deepak

>From the outside, this appeared to be more like a CEF
consistency sort of thing; routes were still carrying packets
to the interconnect, but the packets were not successfully
making it across the interconnect.  I would hazard a guess
that had the link truly gone down in the classic sense, BGP
would have done the more proper thing, and found a different
path for the routes to propagate along.

Again, this is speculation from the outside, based on the
path packets were taking before dropping on the floor.


> Dennis Dayman wrote:
> > We received confirmation from Time Warner. The link between Sprint and
> > Level3 Networks is down in Chicago. This has been an issue since 3:10 PM
> > EST.  Time Warner has a ticket open to address the issue. Not sure what it
> > is yet.
> >
> > -Dennis
> >
> >
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