Router Options & Support Experiences

Donald Stahl don at
Wed Nov 8 19:41:41 UTC 2006

I've got a client looking to upgrade their edge routers and they want 
to consider all of their options.

Right now we're looking at Cisco, Juniper and Foundry. I'd like to hear 
what other people have to say about the vendors, their offerings and their 
support. Do their products have particular strengths or weaknesses? Also, 
if anyone has another vendor we should be considering- we are open to 

In this case the router requirements are small- 5 GigE interfaces, BGP, 
OSPF, VRRP and the ability to handle as many PPS as possible so as to 
avoid a router DoS in the event of an attack (10 Mpps minimum).

I have my own opinions about each vendor but I'd like another perspective 
this time around.

Thanks in advance,

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