Verizon PSTN continued

Wallace Keith kwallace at
Tue Nov 7 17:40:44 UTC 2006

Working with 2 other carriers on a similar issue, response I rec'd was
congestion due to automated political dialers. Not sure if I believe
that or not...

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The thread yesterday didn't seem to get into much detail; I'm wondering
if anyone knows more about what is going on with Verizon?  Our PSTN
service with XO seems to be affected again by what XO claims is a
Verizon problem but they wouldn't elaborate on why they feel that to be
the case; I was just amazed to even get someone on the phone at XO since
normally they are unreachable.  I am inclined to partially believe them
since I've found other numbers that I know to be with other carriers
that are not working.  XO claimed this was at least a regional issue of
Verizon's that is affecting multiple carriers.


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