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Dave Mitchell davem at
Sat Nov 4 20:29:04 UTC 2006

Hey all,
  Sorry for the delay. Thanks to Peter Moody for letting me know
some of you were looking for Yahoo!. The issue some of you are
seeing is that your mailserver IPs are being grey-listed after a certain
number of emails and being traffic shaped. To have your legitimate
mailservers added to a white list, please refer to the following info.



p.s. Chuck, must be 'game on' in hell twice since Petach and I both work
for Yahoo. :)

"suspect I'll be refereeing a Flyers** vs Chiefs*** Ice Hockey game in
hell before that happens. However, if an actual human being affiliated
with Yahoo does get back to you prior to the Zamboni being delivered to
the netherworld, please pass them over my way when your done with them.

Dave Mitchell
Yahoo! Network Security Architect
Email      -  davem at
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