Yahoo Postmaster contact, please

Jim Popovitch jimpop at
Fri Nov 3 21:50:38 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 13:42 -0800, chuck goolsbee wrote:
> >Greetings, NANOGers.  I've got a mail cluster that's been spooling about
> >50000 messages for the past week or so (with very little drain and
> >traffic passing), and my mail admin reports that attempted contacts to
> >the Yahoo Postmaster are not getting answered.  Can someone over there
> >drop me a line off-list, please?
> Welcome to a very NON-exclusive club Matt.
> You are not alone*. It seems as if every other mail server on the 
> planet is having the same issue.

My queues aren't as large as most reading this, I haven't seen one email
to * or * delayed all day.  They come in
singularly, get expanded by mailinglist software, and go out in bulk.
Also, my emails (from: jimpop at haven't seen any significant
delays to/from other mailinglists this week.

-Jim P.

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