CWDM equipment (current favorites) (fwd)

Adam Rothschild asr+nanog at
Fri Nov 3 01:17:22 UTC 2006

On 2006-11-02-19:16:36, Deepak Jain <deepak at> wrote:
> 10G is fine, but a coarse step price-wise. (boxes that are 1U that
> uplink 10G often have >10G of input traffic possible). I like being
> able to plug optics in as we need more upink. If its not feasible,
> well then. :)

As there's no specification for 2.5 gigabit ethernet (that I'm aware
of), and SONET gear with pluggable optics is likely out of your
league, I'm afraid that's a decision you'll have to make.  :-)

There are plenty affordable[1] options available 1U for switches with
10GE uplink ports.  I've had good luck with the Extreme Summit x450.
If you're a bit more daring, Allied Telesyn recently announced a
switch with a similar port density, though lacking in the useful
"bunch of SFPs rather than 10/100/1000 ports" configuration.

More and more, I'm finding it difficult to justify deploying n x GE
port-channels across dark fiber, when 10GE is a lot easier to scale
and troubleshoot...

-a (the other *WDM lightning talk author)

[1] clarified as sub-$10k per unit, sometimes even in the ballpark of
    $5k with the correct discounts applied

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