Urgent need for bandwidth in Chiswick/London

Will Hargrave will at harg.net
Fri Nov 3 01:01:31 UTC 2006

Mike Lyon wrote:
> Howdy. Please excuse the semi-offtopic post. My company is looking for
> bandwidth at the location below before Christmas. So that pretty much
> rules out your standard leased-line options. Leased line looks to be
> about 60 days out or so.
> Does anyone know of any MAN (or anything else for that matter) options
> at this location?
> Building 10
> Chiswick Park
> 566 Chiswick High Road
> London W4 5XS

BT contractual delivery date is 60 working days, i.e 3 months.
The alternative telcos quote shorter lead times, however if your 
installation requires construction (i.e. road digging) you're likely to 
be out of luck. That would seem unlikely, however, given the development 
is quite new and large (I used to travel by it every day so know it 

I would contact the landlord and ask for a list of on-site telcos. It's 
likely that someone like COLT, Abovenet, Thus, and so on are onsite and 
will be able to deliver service reasonably quickly.

This is all assuming fibre, of course - you didn't say just how much 
bandwidth you need. SDSL (don't forget multipair bonded) can be 
delivered on a much shorter timescale (~2 weeks) and may be an 
acceptable alternative. If so, look for the more specialist business 
ISPs on adslguide.org.uk


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