CWDM equipment (current favorites) (fwd)

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Nov 3 00:16:36 UTC 2006

alex at wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Deepak Jain wrote:
>>>> We need to place a new order for some new fiber builds and were
>>>> considering some other vendors. Especially in the nx2.5G and nx10G (are
>>>> CWDM x-cievers even available in 10G yet?) range. Anyone have any new
>>>> favorites?
>>> 2.5G are only slightly more expensive than 1G - if you have OC48 gear that
>>> is SFP-capable, by all means, use that.
>>> 10G CWDM is *rumoured* to exist, but I don't think there are any
>>> production ones yet. Feel free to correct me. 10G is all DWDM, and so far 
>>> very pricy.
>> I think this is the rub (regarding multirate optics). What I'd love to 
>> be able to do is take a multirate optic and shove it into some 1U type 
>> switch or router that takes several gigabits of a IP or Ethernet frames 
>> and load balances them PPP or CEF style across a few 2.5/2.7G lambdas. 
>> So say 10 gigabits of traffic over 4 lambdas. I don't need to replicate 
> Well, that's how LX4 actually works internally - but you can't plug in 
> your own optics for those 4 cwdm channels :(
> Why not just do 10G natively? (LX4 or DWDM or whatever?)

10G is fine, but a coarse step price-wise. (boxes that are 1U that 
uplink 10G often have >10G of input traffic possible). I like being able 
to plug optics in as we need more upink. If its not feasible, well then. :)

>> GE signaling or SONET signaling... just move the bits. I know this is
>> very easy (trivial even) at 1G signaling rates, I never understood
>> [other than for markup purposes] why the vendors don't let those uplink
>> ports be 2.5G capable.
> You *have* to deal with signaling somehow, because of regeneration of the
> signal, so you have to have your own kind of signaling (whether sonet or 
> ethernet or ...) on these lambdas.

We aren't dealing with regeneration in the scenario I'm talking about... 
but since its possible in LX4 and other things... it should be possible 
in crafted solution. Since there doesn't seem to be a solution off the 
shelf to say make a 3750 uplink at 2.5G... I guess we'll just be old 
fashioned. :)



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