CWDM equipment (current favorites) (fwd)

Deepak Jain deepak at
Thu Nov 2 22:32:08 UTC 2006

>> We need to place a new order for some new fiber builds and were
>> considering some other vendors. Especially in the nx2.5G and nx10G (are
>> CWDM x-cievers even available in 10G yet?) range. Anyone have any new
>> favorites?
> 2.5G are only slightly more expensive than 1G - if you have OC48 gear that
> is SFP-capable, by all means, use that.
> 10G CWDM is *rumoured* to exist, but I don't think there are any
> production ones yet. Feel free to correct me. 10G is all DWDM, and so far 
> very pricy.

I think this is the rub (regarding multirate optics). What I'd love to 
be able to do is take a multirate optic and shove it into some 1U type 
switch or router that takes several gigabits of a IP or Ethernet frames 
and load balances them PPP or CEF style across a few 2.5/2.7G lambdas. 
So say 10 gigabits of traffic over 4 lambdas. I don't need to replicate 
GE signaling or SONET signaling... just move the bits. I know this is 
very easy (trivial even) at 1G signaling rates, I never understood 
[other than for markup purposes] why the vendors don't let those uplink 
ports be 2.5G capable.

(I'm already aware of the cards that two 2G -> 1 multirate lambda. I 
would like a box that does better than that as effective throughput on 
the lambda -- it reduces complexity on our end and media conversion needs).

Any suggestions??



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