adviCe on network security report

Simon Waters simonw at
Thu Nov 2 15:46:02 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 Nov 2006 14:54, you wrote:
> I'm thinking for every answered message sent to abuse (non autoresponder),
> one will likely see more than 7-10 failures.  

It is a self fulfilling issue. Those abuse desks who deal with the issues you 
rarely end up writing to, those who don't, you inevitably end up writing to.

Which is why you get a better response when raising a new issue, or a small 
issue, with someone who hasn't been notified of it before.

Broach a big established problem like pointing out that Telecom Italia is one 
of the worse spewers of advance fee fraud emails on the Internet, and you 
can't get anyone to take an interest. If there were anyone who cared, they 
would have done something about it by now. Even the Italian government 
doesn't seem to care about that one. exists for a reason.

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