advise on network security report

Rick Wesson wessorh at
Wed Nov 1 01:02:15 UTC 2006

Barry Greene (bgreene) wrote:
> Postings like this to NANOG will not have any impact. So if your goal is
> instigate action, posting is not going to work. The core data point is
> the weekly CIDR report. It only works if you have peers using the weekly
> list to apply peer pressure to the networks listed to act. 

I beg to differ, wither I aggregate my announcements does not impact the 
$50B charge identity theft puts on the US economy.

would it assist if I associated a dollar value for each bot hosted, we 
can estimate the number of credit cards stolen per bot and extrapolate 
in to something with some zeros on it.

> Sharing summaries to communities like dshield, NSP-SEC, DA, SANs and
> other security mitigation communities along with a subscription web page
> that would allow an organization to get enough details to take action.

nsp-sec players still won't let us in their sand-box... but we will 
share to the communities you have enumerated.


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