BCP for Abuse Desk

Mark Borchers mborchers at igillc.com
Wed May 31 01:51:55 UTC 2006

> Subject: Re: BCP for Abuse Desk

(various good stuff deleted for brevity)
>   3d) Make sure your ToS allows nuking a spamming/abusive host.
>   3e) Then *use* that clause in the ToS when needed.

Each of the ISP's I worked for had such a clause.  I felt it
was a double edged sword.  The only choices were to use it or
not to use it, and on non-clear cut cases the business side of
a company may be reluctant to heave a paying customer out the
door.  I would advocate service contracts that allow a graduated
response including, but not limited to, getting rid of the 
customer.  That way, there are penalties available even in cases
of "unintentional" network abuse.  

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