Black Frog - the botnets keep coming

Alexei Roudnev alex at
Sat May 27 21:47:50 UTC 2006

Internet IS a wild west. You should live with it. It will never be _quet,
dead american's residential area, where dogs do not bark and kids do not
play themself on streets in age of 8 (normal dogs bark, and normal kids
often play themself when they are 8)_.

It is the whole WORLD, not one country.

So, we must live with it, and do not hope, that it will have numerous _speed
tickets_ and _police officers_ (as 90% of the people live every day, making
their own decisions and protecting themselves.

It is, in fact, a very effectiv way to stop spammers. But it definitely
became a dangerous DDOS service. So - learn how to live with it, it's the
only choice. (Make sure, that no single protocol or botnet can kill the
whole network or deplete all resources, for example).

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> On Thu, 25 May 2006, Florian Weimer wrote:
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> > * Gadi Evron:
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> > > How do we make this folly stop?
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> > Ignore it?  It's an inactive Sourceforge project (with some Google
> > forums attached), and news reports seem to be based on a Slashdot
> > diary entry announcing it:
> Ignoring is the high-road. How long are we going to cry about the Internet
> being a battle-ground, the wild west, or whatever else if we legitimize
> DDoS?
> Sometimes being quiet is not going to win the war. There will be other
> Blue Frogs.
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> >   <>
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> > There are far more dangerous Sourceforge projects out there. 8-/
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