Are botnets relevant to NANOG?

Rick Wesson wessorh at
Fri May 26 23:47:04 UTC 2006

> I am saying I am reading the OARC comments and this is sort of what
> it fees like. As much as Gadi seems to appropriate others credit,
> Randy Vaugh and him have been doing this work for some time and
> deserves some credit so I'd say "have you spoken to them about how
> to make their report better" yet instead of "create more".

Yes, we have worked with Gati and Randy Vaugh; infact randy helped me 
out today; thanks randy!

There is a difference in how Randy/Gati collect data and how we collect 
data. The stuff we publish are from numerous dns based realtime 
blacklists and spam traps we run. Other folks black-hole botnets and 
capture data.

We both come up with a dataset that overlaps but we don't yet know by 
how much. So our data is another view using a different methodology and 
isn't supposed to be "better" but confirming of where the problem is and 
  estimates of its magnitude.


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