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Fri May 26 13:26:39 UTC 2006

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> > I take it that this means we can use any ip range allocated to Fastweb
> > as if it were RFC1918 space, including the necessary border filters?

> I'd personally contract to build a moat around their NOC for Homeland 
> Security reasons using as many backhoes as I could get on short notice.

I would strongly advise against such actions.
European governments take a dim view of terrorist
activities and some countries such as Italy are
particularly sensitive about this. I'm surprised 
that an American on an Internet operations mailing
list would be promoting terrorist activity in 
another NATO member country.

In any case, you can't CONTRACT to do this. The
law does not consider an agreement to perform 
illegal acts to be a contract. The action you describe
is clearly illegal, therefore it cannot be contracted

--Michael Dillon

P.S. this is NANOG, not IRC

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