Black Frog - the botnets keep coming

RLVaughn Randy_Vaughn at
Thu May 25 16:39:39 UTC 2006

Henry Linneweh wrote:
> Personally as a manager I want to know the problem and
> then the workable solution. I just don't see that many
> bot nets happening anymore. 
> From my vantage point I do see students writing bot
> nets more for programming skills than for malicious
> attacks. 
> With several hundred million people and computers on
> the inter network, there will always be an aberration,
> caused by some social or mental or emotional defect.
> Workable technical solutions, not new laws or rants
> will make these issues, less of an issue operationally
> in the long run.
> -Henry

Gadi asked if I have any botnets from DA's list on SBC.

Indeed, I have three suspect C&Cs on SBC and a six more on ATT which
I will be happy to share with you off list.


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