bgp question

Grzegorz Banasiak gb at
Thu May 25 13:50:04 UTC 2006

> I suspect that it may have been removed by the BGP dampening feature
> in our router. By disabling the feature, the route will stay in our 
> router.

> Q1/ My only understanding of the benefit of this feature is to
> prevent 'unstable' route from flooding to our router, causing a CPU
> overflow. What's the risk of leaving this off?

things have changed. BGP route dampening is considered harmful. just
turn it off.

4.0 Recommendation

This Routing Working Group document proposes that with the current
implementations of BGP flap damping, the application of flap damping in
ISP networks is NOT recommended. The recommendations given in ripe-229
and previous documents [2] are considered obsolete henceforth.

If flap damping is implemented, the ISP operating that network will
cause side-effects to their customers and the Internet users of their
customers' content and services as described in the previous sections.
These side-effects would quite likely be worse than the impact caused by
simply not running flap damping at all.

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