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At 04:58 AM 5/24/2006, Michael.Dillon at wrote:

> > >The NANOG meeting archives are full of presentations as the result
> > >of very sophisticated network monitoring.  Like most technology,
> > >it can be used for good and evil.  You can't tell the motivation
> > >just from the technology.
>OK, so he says in a roundabout way that you are
>already paying for some sophisticated network monitoring
>and it probably won't cost you much to just give
>some data to the "authorities".
> > Sean, please drop this subject. You have no experience here and it's
> > annoying that you keep making authoritative claims like you have some
> > operational experience in this area. If you do, please do elaborate
> > and correct me. From what I understand from the folks at SBC, you
> > did not run harassing call, annoyance call, and LAES services. I would
> > appreciate a correction.
>Are you saying that people should buzz off from
>the NANOG list if they change jobs and their latest
>position isn't operational enough? Are you saying that
>people should not be on the NANOG list unless they
>have TELEPHONY operational experience?
>What is the world coming to!?

[ rescued from the killfile ]

As far as archives being chock full of information,
Chip Sharp of Cisco made a factual presentation on CALEA years
back. The rest of the "discussion" has been mostly hyperbole. Emotional
fodder on political agendas instead of technical, operational,
or otherwise. I'd characterize 90% or more of it as junk. If I
want to read about politics, I can open my newspaper with my coffee
- and I do, but that's the extent I need to see it all day long.
We're already bombarded with this stuff elsewhere.

No, someone should not quit NANOG's list because they change jobs.
Changing jobs has nothing to do with it. Being a subject matter
expert is. It's arguable who the SME's here on the list are related
to CALEA. There aren't more than 2 or 3 and they aren't usually talking
about these types of posts. Not because there's a big secret to be kept.
There isn't. It's all public. It's because the thread will always turn
to politics and disinformation and it's a bad use of everyones time.

Perhaps a bit too harsh on the prior response, but the "quality" of
some of the posting here has become arguably low as of late. Maybe
it's because of too much rain? I don't know, but NTP, geo-location,
and CALEA have all been subject to this.

/me back to our regularly scheduled programming

>--Michael Dillon

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