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Wed May 24 09:05:42 UTC 2006

> > Does NANOG have a role in developing some best
> > practices text that could be easily imcorporated
> > into peering agreements and service contracts?
> ...
> RFC 2267 -> RFC 2827 == Best Current Practice (BCP) 38
> RFC 3013 == BCP 46
> RFC 3704 == BCP 84
> Are these followed?

No, the IETF BCP's are not followed and part of
the reason is that they are not written by network
operators but often by vendors and academics. The
fact is that the collective of network operations 
people (in North America at least) does not have
There are various camps that promote various sets
of rules which are often overly simplistic and
cannot be 100% adhered to in practice.

What we really need is a forum to discuss best 
operational practices and resolve all these various
differences in opinion systematically. The end
result should be a set of best practices that 
people really can follow with no exceptions. Of
course this means that the best practices must
incorporate various exceptions to the simple rules
and explain when those exceptions are and are not

So again, I ask the question: Is NANOG an appropriate
forum to develop some best practices text that 
could be incorporated into service agreements and
peering agreements by reference in the same way
that a software licence incorporates the GPL
by referring to it?

--Michael Dillon

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