private ip addresses from ISP

Michael.Dillon at Michael.Dillon at
Tue May 23 15:22:26 UTC 2006

> Proper "good net neighbor" egress filtering of RFC1918 source addresses 
> takes a number of separate rules.  Several 'allows', followed by a 
> 'deny'.

Do you have those rules on your network?
Any reason why you didn't post the operational
details on this operational list?

Have you ever read your peering agreements or
service contracts to see if filtering of RFC 1918
sourced traffic is specifically covered by them?
If it is not covered by the contract, then why should
your peers/upstreams filter it?

Another good question is whether or not every
service contract and peering agreement should
contain unique text or whether there should be
some community-developed best practices statement
that could be plugged in by reference. For instance,
software publishers can publish their software
under the terms of the GPL without including the
full text of the GPL verbatim in their software

Does NANOG have a role in developing some best
practices text that could be easily imcorporated
into peering agreements and service contracts?

--Michael Dillon

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