About Cisco NM-2FE2W-v2

Carl Kloppenborg ckloppenborg at vitalstream.com
Tue May 16 16:02:13 UTC 2006

Correct, the NM-2FE2W-v2 is not supported by 2800 series routers. See
09186a00801aa71c.html under Orderability, Availability, Compatability,
Minimum Software, and Memory Requirements.

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Md. kamal Hossain wrote:
> Hi all
> I purchase a Cisco-2851 and  NM-2FE2W-v2 module because i need 4  
> Fastethernet interface but when i plug the module IOS don't detect the

> module.Is there any specific IOS for the NM-2FE2W-v2 module?.now IOS 
> version is 12.3.If any one have any idea pls reply me.
Wow, where to start on this one.  I didn't realize this was Cisco's 
post-sales support line.  Further, I don't think a Cisco 2851 exactly 
constitutes core network operations.  In the future you would probably 
be better off with a cisco-related IRC channel, or web board.  That 
being said, I'll see if I can't field this real quick.   
The 2851 is not powerful enough to route 1 port of 100bT Ethernet let 
alone 4.  What feature set is your IOS revision? Without knowing that I 
doubt anyone could even begin to troubleshoot this issue. 
Have you checked to make sure the NM-2FE-2W is compatible with your 
router AT ALL?  After reading the "Relevant Interfaces and Modules" 
documentation at cisco.com I do not see this module being used with 2800

series routers, or it's predecessor, 2600 series routers for that 
matter.  This is of course all publicly available documentation.  
Everything I've seen points to them working only with 3600, 3700, and 
possibly 3800 series chassis. 
My best suggestion would be to pack up your router, and the network 
module and send them to a good home with a caring network admin to tend 
to them.  If you would like, please contact me off-list as I've been 
known to provide shelter to abused and mistreated routing gear.

> thanks
> Kamal
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