Geo location to IP mapping

Kevin Pawloski kpawloski at
Mon May 15 17:45:08 UTC 2006

IP location services are a niche service, they won't work in the broad sense
of things. Sites that need to make lawyers happy, such as will work
well with IP location services. MLB.Com basically says they won't broadcast
Dodger home games in the LA area on their website. (Or any team in their
home market) Obviously there are ways to hide your location, but as long as
the services offers reasonable results there will be demand for these
services. Remember most of these IP location services were originally
founded for advertisting reasons, not anti-fraud.


On 5/15/06, Brian Wallingford <brian at> wrote:
> I'm not quite comfortable with the idea of building a market audience
> based on data with at best dubious accuracy.
> On Mon, 15 May 2006, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> :At 12:49 PM 5/15/2006, Brian Wallingford wrote:
> :
> :><cough> scam_snake_oil_etc </cough>
> :
> :
> :How so?
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