Anycast applicable to Radius Server Farm - further questions?

Joe Shen joe_hznm at
Mon May 8 15:47:01 UTC 2006

> JS> Could it be any problem with AAA procedure?
> UDP is anycast-friendly.  Your biggest problems are
> likely to be
> authentication database replication/synchronization
> and merging
> accounting records... i.e., nothing really different
> from standard
> RADIUS deployments.

What I met problem to understand is, 

1) Is that required to route traffic from a specific
BRAS to exact one server if DB behind radius server is
syncronized periodically

2) There is two Farm, each has several servers. As
number of paths supported by cisco/Juniper router is
limited ( <= 8 or 16), we could not mix those server
into one farm. is there any way to balance load
between two or more farms automatically? 

> Load balancing is trickier when RADIUS servers and
> NASes live on the
> same network segment.  You'll need something a la
> Windows Advanced
> Server or distributed 802.3ad.  I know of no
> turn-key implementation of
> the latter; 

Do you mean aggregate interfaces of several servers
into one 802.3ad trunk?  I think even NASes and radius
live on the same ethernet, OSPF/IS-IS could establish
equal cost paths.



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