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Fri May 5 14:55:59 UTC 2006

On Thu, 4 May 2006, Martin Hannigan wrote:

>> I hate to be the bearer of bad news to spammers :) but based on
>> bluesecurity's tactics I can make a guess about attitude of their
>> people and its such that DoS attack on them will only cause them
>> more determination to continue and I suspect to majority of their users as 
>> well (and publicity is also likely to bring them more users).
>> Moving the site to TypePad was incorrect way of dealing with attack
>> though; but its actually not the first time I've heard of the site
>> using a blog as temporary page while their primary site is down due
>> to DoS... - some education on what blogs are good for is in order.
>> But as it is looks like bluesecurity is moving to prolexic which
>> claim to deal with just such situations.
> I hate to be the bearer of bad news to BS' VC's, but BS moving their
> DNS to UltraDNS and hosting to Prolexic was likely not part of the business
> plan. "They ain't cheap". The spammers can now theoretically force them
> to spend all time and all their money responding to attacks.

You know quite well that if they continue dos for too long law-enforcement
would finally get interested... Now I really don't know UDNS and Prolexic
prices but I have a feeling those hosting fees would be far from being
their biggest expense. So I have to disagree with you that is what could
bring them down, though I agree that as usual a lot depends on if their
VCs want all this going - I just don't think hosting fees will be major
reason for such a decision (unless BS self-funded which I doubt).

> The killer here is that they asked a lot of people a year ago whether 
> this  was a good idea and everyone said no.

Yep and they were all right.

> Spammers: 2 Blue Security: 0
> NANOG: -2 (vigilante time sink)

Its more like:
Spammers: -2  Blue Security: -1  Nanog: 0 (talk is cheap but results are...)

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