AOL 421 errors (and 554 errors too)

Joseph W. Breu breu at
Fri May 5 01:13:18 UTC 2006

At the risk of posting a 'me too' email, we have also had issues getting a
similar problem resolved with AOL.  We have been receiving numerous ISP:B2 and
ISP:B3 rejection codes from AOL email servers.  We have contacted their
postmaster # as posted on their website and each time talked with a very nice
support tech.

However, in each and every case, we were not able to get the problem 
resolved. AOL even went so far as to say that they would escalate and 
have a member of
their tech support team contact me which never happened.

We have subscribed to their FBL service for over a year.  Lately, the messages
that we receive in the FBL are nowhere near spam.  We contacted the
complaintant @ AOL and each time they responded that they hit 'report as spam'
instead of delete which is right next to each other.

If someone from AOL is reading this, please forward to someone in your
postmaster team.  All other means to contact AOL Postmaster have resulted in



Joseph W. Breu, CCNA              phone : +1.319.268.5228
Senior Network Administrator        fax : +1.319.266.8158
Cedar Falls Utilities              cell : +1.319.493.1686
support: +1.319.268.5221         url :

Quoting Jim Popovitch <jimpop at>:

> Matthew Black wrote:
>> For what it's worth, I received a very nice e-mail and had an
>> extended telephone conversation with a third-tier support
>> manager from AOL. They do respond and that's why I placed my
>> original post on this thread.
> I too received contact from AOL, and they have been extremely 
> helpful. Thank you AOL, and thank you NANOG.
> -Jim P.

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