AOL 421 errors

Simon Waters simonw at
Thu May 4 09:20:33 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 03 May 2006 22:28, Joe Maimon wrote:
> You know, people say things like this a lot. Its not relevant. What is
> relevant is how AOL is supposed to know that

On the subject of which I'm in discussion with AOL to get email through that 
contains something which is a known spammers trick, because it is also the 
right thing to have in our emails <sigh>.

Content is not always a good clue.

> a) the email considered for rejection is actually wanted
> b) and wanted by AOL employees themselves

I thought these went to aol.NET which has different spam filtering in place.

> And if they did know how to accurately determine that, we wouldnt be
> having this discussion.


> Just point your intended receivers to AOL's help desk.

That just creates Chinese whispers. 

For technical issues it really helps if providers can take reports from 
"non-customers", or people providing services to their existing clients. This 
seems impossible for many big companies.

> You get what you pay for.

I think choosing providers carefully can get you more for less.

> > </RANT>

AOL have employees who regularly read SPAM-L, which is probably a better forum 
for such questions. Although in an ideal world "[email protected]" would work, it 
rarely seems to with AOL.

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