Strange network problem accessing Ebay and versiontracker websites

Warren Kumari warren at
Wed May 3 21:38:25 UTC 2006

Sounds a whole bunch like you have a PMTUD (Path MTU Discovery) issue.

Change the MTU on a host to be smaller and see if this fixes the  
issue... If it does, there are a bunch of networking tricks you can  
play to fix it for all of the customers. MSS rewrite is one,   
clearing the DF BIt on all packets is another -- these are various  
version of icky...


On May 3, 2006, at 2:22 PM, Shane Owens wrote:

> All, I know this probably isn't the best forum for this question  
> but I'd
> like to rule out a network problem before I tell a customer he has  
> a PC
> problem.  I run a small CLEC network that is single homed to BTN for
> transit.  I have 3 sites all interconnected via DS3's and provide DSL
> services from each site.  From anywhere on my network we have problem
> with Ebay and but only on certain browsers.  IE  
> on a
> windows machine can access these sites without any problems, but  
> Firefox
> on the same machine cannot open the websites (Ebay can be opened with
> addblocking software installed). On a Mac the only browser that works
> for these sites is Opera.  With this knowledge I would say it is
> something with the coding on the website, but if I take the same  
> machine
> and connect it to another network other than mine (Verizon, SBC and
> local municipal wifi have been tested) everything works fine.
> Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what routes to take to
> troubleshoot this?  Logic tell me that is I have reach ability and one
> browser work but another doesn't it's a software problem with  
> either the
> browser or the site, but being able to take the same machine to  
> another
> network and have it work points to a whole different problem.
> Could this be a MTU issue?
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