AOL 421 errors

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Wed May 3 21:28:46 UTC 2006

Jim Popovitch wrote:

> Matthew Black wrote:

> I've been dealing with this too for 6 days now (2 of them while away on 
> vacation).   

My sympathies.

>  Sure there are spam 
> problems, but to block requested email from reaching interested users 
> (some of them being AOL employees themselves) is just plain wrong.

You know, people say things like this a lot. Its not relevant. What is 
relevant is how AOL is supposed to know that

a) the email considered for rejection is actually wanted
b) and wanted by AOL employees themselves

And if they did know how to accurately determine that, we wouldnt be 
having this discussion.

> I will say this, numerous AOL postmasters have told me that they have 
> issues with their FBL system (I've got 2 open tickets on that alone).  I 
> have also been told that our email should not be being blocked/delayed, 
> and I have open tickets on that too.  But that in no way explains to me 
> why the have happily accepted an average of 162332 emails each month 
> from us for the past 3+ years and that now they don't want it.  :-)

Anti-Spam/Abuse systems must needs to be upgraded and expanded over 
time. Then they need to be adjusted. Sometimes it is done well with good 
  results. Sometimes it is done poorly with unexpectedly good results. 
Sometimes the opposite. Lambasting them when we dont actually know what 
they have done sounds to me to be quite shrill.

Just point your intended receivers to AOL's help desk. Not your problem.
Still want to help them? Offer them an account on your system. They can 
pay you. They can also pay you for support.

You get what you pay for.

> </RANT>

> -Jim P.

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