Wikipedia watching (was: Tier 2 - Lease?)

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Wed May 3 16:40:58 UTC 2006

> At 01:58 AM 5/3/2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
>> As of this exact moment that I'm posting, that article is actually 
>> reasonably accurate. Of course I'm sure in 5 minutes 100 people will be

Berkman, Scott wrote:
 > Interesting to notice someone (perhaps from this list?) has removed
 > Cogent from the T1 list.  They did however leave
 > alone.
Gentlefolk, don't forget that *you* can fix the entries.  For several
years, I and most anybody I know locally here would just fix things
whenever we noticed a silly mistake, without logging on.

Last year, at the urging of some folks in various fields, I finally
added a user name.  However, because of their arcane rules about not
writing articles that are/were based on original work, I cannot
actually help much in my areas of most significant expertise.

I urge you to add a user name, and "watch" some articles.  The amount
of misinformation in some fields, including networking, is astounding.

Now, it's gotten rather large.  When Wikipedia goes down, users call
support.  They have a technical list, but it's hard to help much, as
the supporting documentation has not kept up with installation and
operations.  A problem I'm sure we all recognize!

They are basically holding things together and bailing with both hands.

William Allen Simpson
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