Colo in UK and Austraila.

Peter Cohen peterattelia at
Tue May 2 01:28:14 UTC 2006

i'd give a look at as a start.   I suspect that a
lot of it may depend upon your application and power needs... I'm
thinking of personal experiences with DC power needs and space that
required the housing of dwdm equipment etc, vs. someone who needs
servers, etc...

I'm sure there will be no shortage of folks chiming in... I also hear
some folks are using ireland instead of the London area, as well as
Manchester, etc...   Have you considered other nearby countries as
well?   The dutch and germans do a good job and there are some nice
sites in madrid, but to each his own/ ymmv!   good luck

Peter Cohen

On 5/1/06, Robert Sherrard <rob at> wrote:
> Can anyone recommend neutral facilities in both the UK and Australia?
> Rob

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