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On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 08:50 -0500, Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
> "Hegger, Stefan" <Stefan.Hegger at> writes:
> > hope not bothering you but I'm looking for some experiences with IPS
> > systems. There are several vendors but is there a recommandation or some
> > tests? As Service provider we need a system which handles the scanning
> > in hardware and it should work as a layer2 bridge (no IP).
> what speed, what problem are you trying to solve, and what do you mean
> by "in hardware"?  no fpgas?  :)

We have a 2 Gbps connection with about about 200kpps in- and outgoing
traffic, and I don't want to pipe the traffic through software, fpgas
are ok.
Our problems are DDoS and we want to have a stateful packet inspection.
The system should not be "static" there should be something like anomaly
detection. It should report if there is "strange" traffic. And of course
the normal stuff as Intrusion detection (worms, botnets etc.)


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