Robert Sherrard rob at robsherrard.com
Fri Mar 31 02:12:49 UTC 2006

Your first example makes sense... I think I'll give that a shot.


John Kristoff wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:25:38 -0800
> Robert Sherrard <rob at robsherrard.com> wrote:
>> I'm really interested in rate limiting outbound... with many unknown 
>> dest IP's.
> That's what that example was intending to show.  That is, rate limiting
> traffic coming from the servers into the VLAN interface towards the rest
> of the internetwork on the other side.  Don't let the term 'input' fool
> you.
> If what you meant was to rate limit traffic to those servers, then I
> am afraid I can't help you.  You could technically do that, but it is
> probably not of much value to any decent server implementation.
> John
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