Mildly OT: NEMA plug guide for dummies

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So I have a large amount of 802.3af gear going out to sites for new
installs and upgrades, which means a lot of new electrical service is
being pulled into closets.  Despite my best efforts it seems the
standard IT-Facilities miscommunications are occuring with the building
folks at these sites, the wiring is being done wrong and I'm left to
clean up the mess.  What's vexed me the most about this is that many of
our "remote hands" have no electrical experience at all so they're
completely unable to determine the types of plugs and receptacles
they're dealing with.  I'm left with descriptions that are, I kid you
not, as helpful as "the twisty plug with the bent part."  If somebody
can't tell me if the receptacle is L6-15 or L5-15 I'm going to have a
very difficult time sorting this all out and getting the appropriate
wiring (re)done.

So I'm wondering, has anybody found a good online resource (or a printed
resource I can go pick up somewhere) that has illustrations of the
different plugs and receptacles found in the wild?  It would help me
greatly if I could just point somebody to a PDF online somewhere and say
"Go to this website, find the receptacle that looks like what has been
installed in your switch closet and read the number back to me."  I
found one at and while it'll do in a pinch, it's sorta
low-quality and I'd like something better.

Off-list replies welcomed.


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