Abovenet vs UUnet

andrew matthews exstatica at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 23:12:27 UTC 2006

So here is the deal, I've delt with both uunet and abovenet (mfn now)
in the past. And a long time ago i switched from abovenet to uunet
when i was with a different company.

Now i'm with a company that has level 3 and Abovenet. Currently the
way the pricing is layed out is by staying with abovenet i'll save
about $1300 over UUnet. Money isn't too much of a concern currently
abovenet is much higher but we are at the time were we need to renew
our contract and we got it with a lower price.

So which way? Abovenet or UUnet.. what are the pros and cons that
you've experienced and what kind of latency do you have over the

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks


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