becoming a LEC

Philip Lavine source_route at
Mon Mar 27 17:05:29 UTC 2006

I have decided to mux down a DS3 into T1's so that my
vendors and customers have redundant access to my
Here is the situation:
Right now my customers/vendors ride the ILEC (I am in
Burbank)into my building. I have another carrier with
an OC3 running into my building so I wanted to take a
DS3 off of that and then MUX that down to T1's so I
can offer LEC diversity (and possibly upstream
diversity). The alternate carrier has agreed to my
plan but I am not sure if there is any regulations or
standards that I must adhere to. Also how do I get my
customers/vendors to choose me as the LEC when they
order the redundant circuit? How do I create a



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