Fire in bakery fries fiber optic cable

Lasher, Donn DLasher at
Mon Mar 27 16:37:57 UTC 2006

>I used to have a customer who were in the forestry business.  They had
a hundred miles or so of railroad down South that >went from one of
their sawmills to places that had lots of trees, and ran some telecom
>cables along them.   Where they had bridges, the cables would hang
>underneath the bridges.  They had some cable problems during the rainy
season, due to wetness, but they also ran into
>problems during hunting season with guys named Bubba who'd shoot at
birds on their cables (presumably when they were
>taking a break from their day job of driving backhoes...)

Speaking of Backhoes, there was a picture I had saved at one point,
can't find it now, maybe someone else has it..

It shows a backhoe, half-fallen down into a hole, on fire, huge tower of
flames coming up out of the hole. Sitting right next to the hole (this
picture was pre-popularity of photoshop, so I assume it to be legit) was
a big sign that said "Natural Gas Pipeline, do not dig".

Anyone who has this picture, email me offline.


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