Juniper Support pricing.

Andy Davidson andy at
Thu Mar 23 17:16:38 UTC 2006


Has anyone else seen Juniper support pricing take one hell of a hike in 
the past twelve months ?

We've been quoted a rise of 141% on the costs of supporting our ISG2000 
units, and a 114% rise on the costs of supporting our Redline^WJuniper 
E|X devices.

I've been asked to provide a case to evaluate the costs of binning the 
existing kit and migrating the firewalls to PIX... which I'd prefer to 
avoid if at all possible, as it is a bad time to take on the extra 

We have been a model (I hope!) customer in that we've only had one 
post-sales/operational trouble-ticket case open in the past twelve 
months for our entire family of Juniper products !

Just wondering whether it's something you guys have seen too.


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