Network graphics tools

neal rauhauser neal at
Wed Mar 22 06:13:37 UTC 2006

  Mechanical pencil, a sheet of paper for a straight edge, and a penny 
when you want to make a proffesional looking round object. I publish to 
Flickr using macro mode on my Fuji Finepix 5100 to make the picture.

  No little Cisco hockey puck stencils, but last year when I sketched a 
steaming pile o' poo all parties involved understood this to be the 
Cisco ICS 7750 we were scheduled to replace.

Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:
> Much of the enterprise market seems wedded to Visio as their network 
> graphics tool, which locks them into Windows. Personally, I hate both 
> little pictures of equipment and Cisco hockey-puck icons; I much prefer 
> things like rectangles saying "7507 STL-1" or "M160 NYC-3".
> Assuming you use *NIX platforms (including BSD under Mac OS X), what are 
> your preferred tools for network drawings, both for internal and 
> external use?  I'd hate to be driven to Windows only because I need Visio.

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