[c-nsp] Which IOS do *you* use?

Robert Boyle robert at tellurian.com
Tue Mar 21 08:41:47 UTC 2006

At 05:29 PM 3/20/2006, you wrote:
>     I've got a customer running a few 3660s with 12.2.29 on them. We
>went back to 12.2.29 because we saw all sorts of evil stuff with 12.3.16
>on our test box - we'd drop all BGP sessions and end up with half a
>dozen obviously foreign prefixes listed as directly connected. The 12.2
>train shows none of this sort of stuff.
>    I touch BGP on 3660s, 7200s, and 7500s and this is a common theme -
>the customers I have are sticking to the 12.2 train. Is anyone seeing
>different trends than this? I'd be curious to know if there are certain
>12.3 versions that act better than others, etc.

We run mostly on 7200s. 12.3 definitely still has some bugs. Esp. 
with odd things like directly connected routes and networks 
disappearing from the routing table when using CEF - at least until 
you globally disable and re-enable CEF. However, there are some 
scenarios where we have to use the 12.3 train. We run 12.2(20 
something) wherever possible. We have some customers running super 
new gear with 12.4T. Craziness I say! I'm not directly involved with 
those clients at all, but I certainly wouldn't want to run that in 
production yet. :)


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