Load sharing traffic over 3 circuits - 1 eBGP session

Jeff Neuffer Jr jneuffer at nstel.com
Tue Mar 14 14:19:56 UTC 2006



I need clarification; appreciate any comments on list or off list.


Here is the backdrop,


* Our router is a Juniper and our IP transit provider's router is a Cisco.

* 1 ebgp session between us.

* Between us we have the following circuits,

2 DS3's 

1 OC3 (burstable)

* Static routing is used with loopback addresses


I've setup and used bgp multi-hop for load sharing traffic across multiple
links before and I am quite comfortable with it.  


Here is what I'm being told and what I'm seeking clarification on. I'm told
that my router can divert/stop sending traffic over the two slower links
when they become saturated (reach capacity), and the remaining circuit
(higher bandwidth) can continue to pass existing traffic flows and take on
additional traffic flows.


Can someone clarify if that is possible?






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