Simon Waters simonw at zynet.net
Tue Mar 14 08:49:38 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 14 Mar 2006 07:11, Martin Hannigan wrote:
> Sure seems like security is AWOL on the registrars agenda:

I thought we established last month that deleting domain names is a very good 
way of messing up the entire Internet. See the thread on losing entire data 

If you have any useful proposals on how registrars might be of use in 
defending against botnets, I'm sure ICANN and friends are all ears. But 
unless you've found an amplification attack using whois servers, it probably 
isn't something the registrars can help you with.

There is some discussion on phishing, but even here it isn't clear what a 
registrar could do, and most phishing these days doesn't involve the 
registrars at all.

Randy's original comment was misplaced, it was the content, not the domain 
name he was objecting to. Deleting domain names is a very extreme, and oft 
times ineffective, way of trying to remove content.

We've have enough trouble with ISPs with knee-jerk reactions to objectionable 
content, we don't need registrars adopting the same daft policies, or the 
Internet would collapse in a few weeks.

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