Security problem in PPPoE connection

Matt Buford matt at
Mon Mar 13 22:29:14 UTC 2006

From: "Martin Hannigan" <hannigan at>
> As well, pvlans are prone to fail if not a forethought of architecture 
> instead of
> an after effect. Trying to put legacy networks into a pvlan architecture 
> is like
> putting square pegs in round holes.
> My experience has been pvlans cause more trouble than they are worth.

Could you elaborate on this a bit?  My situation is different, as I am a 
server hosting provider dealing with thousands of customer servers instead 
of thousands of customer residential WAN links (and thus, no PPPoE), but so 
far I've had good results with pvlans and local-proxy-arp.  I've found it to 
be almost a drop-in replacement for large VLANs, solving 95% of the standard 
huge-l2-network issues with near-zero additional hassle.

Perhaps my different situation avoids whatever issues you ran into.  I'm 
just curious what sort of trouble you had just to make sure I avoid them 
myself.  I've already migrated thousands of customer servers to this over 
the past few years, but I still have thousands to go.  :) 

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