Security problem in PPPoE connection

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Mar 12 19:31:09 UTC 2006

* Peter Dambier:

> I am connected through this one:
> Access-Concentrator: DARX41-erx
> AC-Ethernet-Address: 00:90:1a:a0:01:46
> --------------------------------------------------
> I guess has got some 8 of them. Everybody
> (almost) offering dsl in germany goes through their
> infrastructure. The ip address range
> seems to be shared by all of them.

But you've got an ATM PVC to them, haven't you?  This is a completely
different setup.

Imagine you haven't got a DSL modem, but just an RJ45 plug in the wall
which leads into a stupid cloud of L2 Ethernet switches, and you still
talk PPPoE to your ISP.  AFAICS, this is the kind of network setup the
OP is talking about.

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