Italy orders ISPs to block sites

Pierfrancesco Caci pieffe at
Wed Mar 8 07:51:28 UTC 2006

:-> "Mehmet" == Mehmet Akcin <mehmet at> writes:

    > Well, I can't blame Italy for trying to enforce their laws, but maybe
    > can give them a better idea.

no no, please blame :)

    > Maybe instead of all those ACLs, other type of Blocks, DNS
    > removals,etc.. Governments should more go to the direction of making
    > agreement on the credit card companies which automatically will charge a
    > tax when somebody is using those websites.

The justification that they use for this law is that the sites in
question do not respect the rules of how gambling should be done, so
the gov't blocked them to protect the italian gamblers from the evil
foreign companies ripping their money. 
How could you even think that this law has to do with missing tax
revenues for services provided abroad by foreign companies?  <G>



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