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Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
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At 09:30 PM 3/7/2006, Drew Weaver wrote:

>         I am looking for user experiences for people who have purchased
>transit from cogent in the 300Mbps or up range as far as performance,
>stability, and any other measurable metric of quality you can come up
>         We have heard a lot of negatives about them, about their pricing
>model, about their network, about de-peering with Level 3, etc. What we
>really need is actual information.
>Thank you for your time.

 From a global perspective[1], the top 12 (I stopped at Cogent since 
you are asking
about them) service providers whose customers and peering partners 
reach the largest
number of networks are listed below. You can make some fairly 
interesting assumptions on
your own:

1 Level 3 Communications, LLC AS 3356
2 Sprint AS 1239
3 UUNET Technologies, Inc. AS 701
4 AT&T WorldNet Services AS 7018
5 Qwest AS 209
6 NTT America, Inc. AS 2914
7 Global Crossing AS 3549
8 China Telecom AS 4134
9 TeliaNet Global Network AS 1299
10 DoD Network Information Center AS 721
11 Savvis AS 3561
12 Cogent Communications AS 174

[1] http://tinyurl.com/lepnl



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