Presumed RF Interference

Jay Hennigan jay at
Mon Mar 6 19:41:21 UTC 2006

Randy Bush wrote:

>> Cut the ground wire in your power cords but ground the equipment
>> directly to a metal frame.
> i strongly recommend that you do this, especially in your 240vac
> environment.  excellent solution to a lot of problems.

Don't even joke about doing this, please.  If there is potential on the 
grounding conductor, then that problem needs to be corrected as it is a 
safety of life issue.  Even if you cut the conductor and safely ground 
the equipment in that one rack, you are ignoring the fact that you have 
very strong evidence of a serious wiring problem in the form of 
destroyed equipment.

Say you do what you suggest, ensure that your rack is well and solidly 
grounded.  And, you're aware that the building grounding wiring is 
defective.  And then someone comes in (maybe you) and plugs in a piece 
of portable test equipment next to your nice grounded rack.  And then
puts one hand on the test equipment (plugged into one of the defective 
outlets) and the other on your well-grounded rack.  Especially in the 
240 volt environment.

There is a serious, potentially fatal, wiring fault in that building. 
Get it fixed properly.

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