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On (06/03/06 09:45), Berkman, Scott wrote:
> 	The best things I see coming out of the merger will be the drive
> for improvement and innovation.

having recently lived in a BS-service area I can say that there is no
improvement or innovation coming from them.  the facilities in south florida
are rather old, and BS is in no rush to fix anything...if something breaks
beyond some chewing gum and bailing wire fixes, then they will grudgingly
replace it, but generally only with copper.  there are few areas where they
have built out with fiber, but they appear to have laid used fiber in the
ground because the line quality is only marginally better than the old copper,
and they try to add additional fees since you are off 'new facilities'

I am now back in a Qwest area where they have 'innovated' exclusive contracts
with all the local apartment and housing developments (at least in my area)
to provide similar service to what BS did

so while it may not be the same level of control that was present with old Ma
Bell, her children are doing all they can

my $0.02
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