shim6 @ NANOG (forwarded note from John Payne)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Mon Mar 6 16:30:13 UTC 2006

Thus spake "Eliot Lear" <lear at>
> Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>> Shim6 is an answer to "what kind of multihoming can we offer to sites
>> without PI space?"; it is yet to be seen if anyone cares about the
>> answer to that question.
> This argument is circular.  The only real way to test demand is to offer
> a service and see if customers bite.

I'm not a fan of "build it and they will come" engineering.  One might first 
talk to customers and see if your proposal is laughed at, at least.  So far, 
that's the most charitable reaction I've seen to shim6.

It's also not encouraging that many of the folks working on shim6 happen to 
have PI blocks themselves (despite not qualifying as LIRs); I'm also not a 
fan of "it's good enough for everyone else, but not good enough for me."


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