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Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Mon Mar 6 15:25:00 UTC 2006

Thus spake <Michael.Dillon at>
> Let's face it, IPv6 is close enough to IPv4 that any
> attempt to put a price on IPv4 addresses will simply
> cause a massive migration to free and plentiful IPv6
> addresses.

You assume that there will be a source of free and plentiful IPv6 addresses. 
AFAIK, none of them are rent-free, and they're not even available unless you 
have the clue and resources to prented to be an LIR.

So, unless there's policy change, most end-user orgs will have no choice but 
to pay the market rate for IPv4 addresses.  Spot markets are good when 
demand is elastic, but we're faced with a market that has growing inelastic 
demand that will outstrip fixed supply in a decade.  Capitalism doesn't 
handle that well.


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